Author Topic: Help getting honor gems  (Read 4 times)


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I started playing this game about 3 weeks ago and i have loved being able to get further than i ever did in the original Jade dynasty, im currently a level 93 Gevrin ascended and when trying to get diety gear i ran into not having anywhere near enough of the materials to buy the gear. the gear im trying to get for now is the diety gear you can buy from Lu Zevrin in sunstream, all costing fair amounts of honor gems, yet the only thing i have found for honor gems is 5 from the skydweller quest each day. is they another way for my to farm honor gems in a way to at least be able to get better gear for my felkin quest and to get me started on high end gear in the game? Any help or tips will be appreciated


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Honor Gems drops from monster in Affinity Maps (Fel Lands for felkin).