Author Topic: New Players must Read! Don't forget to take advantage of the Induction System  (Read 922 times)


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Before you make both your accounts, realize you are missing out on free Green Jade Points for the webstore

This server has an Induction System in place to give you 3000 Green Jades after 48 hours of initial playtime

here is proof for reference

When you make an account there is a (Optional part) where you can put a Referral code

For example my Referral code is 544 Use it to get 3000 Jades within the first 48 hours of play
time completely free.

use this link to be sent to the register page with my referral code

In edition to this, take advantage of the in-game Referral system when creating a character to get free items including Sigils you can use mine here 8000750X000410008004100Z1cda1f

I look forward to seeing you all ingame and i welcome all the new players. if you need assistance with anything feel free to Pm me Ingame IGN - Jakuta , i will be happy to help with any issues while i am not at work or busy.

If you have not already done so too. Please join our Discord server to stay up to date with all information related to the server!

Welcome to Jade Dynasty Reborn Friends!