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Technical Issues / Re: unable to update
« Last post by Pedro - Voida- on August 20, 2018, 05:04:12 pm »
The best you can do at the moment is to verify your game client and see what happens!
Guides / Soulstone
« Last post by scruffed on August 20, 2018, 08:53:39 am »
Getting Started
When you reach level 60, you'll have a Carrier Pigeon quest leading you to Lord Fenix. This quest chain will take you to Jadeon and Baye.

Make sure that you use the item (the Soulstone Key) you get from Baye at the end of the quest. Until you do, you won't be able to use your Soulstone slot.
Once you use that item, you'll have three Soulstone Tickets and three Awakening Orbs, so you can go back to Lord Fenix in Sunstream and get started.

You can farm more Awakening Orbs and Soulstone Tickets from the Soul Tower's daily rewards. You can also buy more Awakening Orbs from the Marketplace.

Once you Awaken a Soulstone, it'll have one or more stats that you can upgrade. You'll have a very clear view of the stat's value and its potential maximum, you can get closer to the max by Boosting your Soulstone.

After equipping your Soulstone, click on it in your Character window to open the Soulstone window.

When you first get a Soulstone, it'll have certain stats that it increases. You can scramble this by Resetting it with a Soul Inverter, resulting in different stats and a chance at boosting more stats.
The Soul Inverter will also give your Soulstone EXP when used. You can acquire Soul Inverters from the VIP Rewards and from the Soul Tower.

You can also Fuse Soulstones together, transferring the Exp and Chi from the Secondary Soulstone to your Primary Soulstone.

To get more Soulstones, you can farm Soulstone Tickets from the Soul Tower: If you get enough Soulstones together, you'll eventually get one with more stat boosts.

You can also Boost your Soulstone with Chi Enhancers.

Once your Soulstone reaches level 10, you can use Soulstars to upgrade your Soulstone.

Your Soulstone's Quality will affect how well it boosts your stats.

Soulstone Boosts
Boosting shakes up your Soulstone's stats, potentially increasing or decreasing them. Before the boost is applied, though, you'll get to see the potential change.
If it's lower than before, just decline to change! Your Soulstone will still get EXP for having consumed a Boost, and you'll be a step closer to a higher-leveled Soulstone.
Soulstones' raw stat bonus is multiplied by the Soulstone's level for the total bonus – so a tenth-level Soulstone is ten times as powerful.

To boost your Soulstone's abilities, you'll need either Boost Orbs or Chi Enhancers.
Chi Enhancers are available in the Marketplace, while Boost Orbs are from gameplay.
You'll be getting Boost Orbs as part of the Soul Tower instance.

You can farm Boost Orbs from the daily Soul Tower rewards, starting right away for players who complete floor 10 – it's in the form of a Soul Tower Token.

You can also get Boost Orbs from the one-time Soul Tower rewards starting at floor 40.

The Chi Enhancer works just like a Boost Orb, except it will also increase your Soulstone's Total Chi by one.
When you reset your Soulstone, its Total Chi is moved over to Available Chi. As long as the Soulstone has Available Chi, you can Boost it for free.

Soulstones have a max level of 20, when your Soulstone reaches level 10, you'll be able to start using Soulstars.

You can create Soulstars using your Soulstone's EXP once the Soulstone reaches level 10. You can also exchange lower level Soulstars for higher level Soulstars at Lord Fenix's exchange.

Once you collect these Soulstars, you'll be able to embed them in your Soulstone to create Soulsets, which will unlock some pretty substantial stat bonuses and powerful skills.

Blood Ceremony (Lyan, Juen)
Health +1200
For 10 secs, recovers the following Bonus Attributes every 2 seconds: Health, Spirit, and Vigor by 10%
CD: 300 seconds

Sky Stare (Lyan, Venn)
Health +1200
Skill Accuracy +2
Increase CritStrike Rate by 4%, and the damage of the caster's next strike by 30%
CD: 360 seconds

Soul Shackle (Juen, Urh)
Health +1200
Spirit +2400
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Reduces a target's Attack by 30% for 15 seconds, and Movement Speed by 40%
CD: 360 seconds

Mountain Blaster (Lyan, Juen, Venn)
Health +1200
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Increases Attack and defense by 20% for 12 seconds. Bonus Attributes: Health, Spirit +10%
CD: 360 seconds

Mirage Avatar (Lyan, Juen, Tann)
Health +1200
Spirit +2400
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Skill Evasion +2
Removes all debuffs currently active upon yourself
CD: 240 seconds

Deadly Step (Juen, Venn, Chish)
Health +1200
Spirit +2400
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Skill Evasion +2
Critstrike +2%
Speed +0.1
Slow Resistance +10
Target unable to eat for 5 seconds
CD: 360 seconds

Cloud Leaper (Lyan, Juan, Venn, Urh)
Health +1200
Spirit +2400
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Speed +0.1
Increases speed by 5 meters and mount speed by 4 meters in 10 seconds, and clears all slow effects (can not be stacked)
CD: 300 seconds

Glacial Purity (Lyan, Juen, Venn, Tann)
Health +1200
Spirit +2400
Attack +48
Skill Accuracy +2
Skill Evasion +2
Speed +0.1
Slow Resistance +10
Damage Reduction 1%
Freezes a target for 5 seconds
CD: 300 seconds

Merciful Serenity (Lyan, Juen, Venn, Urh, Porr)
Health +1200
Skill Accuracy +2
Skill Evasion +2
All Resistance +16
Grants the caster invincibility for 6 seconds
CD: 300 seconds

Technical Issues / Re: Bounties for missed translation reports
« Last post by svendrew on August 20, 2018, 12:40:45 am »
Maybe not that important, but names of flowers in garden are missing :)

Announcements / Multi-client rule exception requests
« Last post by CompeR on August 19, 2018, 10:35:21 pm »
Soon we are running automated ban script that will automaticly ban any detected more than 2 clients usages for 1h.

You can request an exception contacting me via our Discord: PM CompeR.
Please attach usernames and describe your situation. If you live with a brother/sister etc who is also playing on our server, he/she has to appear on discord also to verify this situation. We may ask for some proof to verify we are dealing with real people.
Guides / Re: Key Bindings
« Last post by CompeR on August 19, 2018, 12:12:54 pm »
Bounty granted: 1000 GJ.
Offtopic / Re: Introduce yourself
« Last post by lechworm on August 19, 2018, 12:37:53 am »
My name Is "Tallaz" im freshman here. playing Official Indonesia for like +-5 year ago.
here I use Felkin Celan nice to meet you all in game. I often online at 15:00 Server time. coz its different time with my country. well bye. ;) ;)
Guides / Key Bindings
« Last post by scruffed on August 17, 2018, 11:10:11 pm »
To move your character around in the world, use the W, S, A and D keys to move forward, backward, left, and right respectively.
You can toggle the functions of the A and D keys to rotate left and right, respectively, within the Options menu.
You can also move by left-clicking on the ground.
To jump, press the Space Bar.

User Interface
    Q : Quests
    E : Actions
    R : Skills
    T : Party Settings
    Y : Master-disciple
    U : Broadcasting
    I : Hall of Excellence
    O : Craft
    P : Pet
    F : Friends
    G : Clan and Alliance
    H : Novice guide
    J : Marketplace
    K : Calendar
    L : Help
    C : Character
    V : Invigorate
    B : Bag
    N : Class
    M : Auto-Route Map
    Alt + H : Hide User Interface
    Ctrl + Q : Ride Mount
    Ctrl + F : Use Skyblade
    Tab : Cycle through nearby targets
    PrintScreen : Screenshot
    Enter : Send Message
    Hold down the Alt key to use the hotkeys above while chatting.
    Screenshots are saved in the following directory: /element/screenshot"

Photo Mode
Press F9 to Enter Photo Mode

    Home - Pan Forward
    Delete - Pan Left
    PgDown - Pan Right
    End - Pan Backward
    Insert - Pan Up
    PgUp - Pan Down
    Ctrl+Home - Zoom In
    Ctrl+End - Zoom Out
    Move your character or press the F9 key again to exit Photo Mode."
Guides / Re: Master And Disciple
« Last post by CompeR on August 17, 2018, 07:01:33 pm »
Bounty granted: 1500 GJ
Guides / Master And Disciple
« Last post by scruffed on August 17, 2018, 05:20:30 pm »
This system allows a high level character to take a lower leveled character under their wing to help them complete quests for great rewards for both players.

Master: Functions Overview
Any character over level 105 has the potential to become a Master. The Master may request any player which is LV 75 or below to become their Disciple/Apprentice.
Any character eligible for becoming a Master may press the [Y] key to access the Master and Apprentice interface (also accessible by clicking the Interaction button on the Menu Bar, then clicking the Master and Apprentice button).

The Master may click the Train button within the interface and insert a character name which is eligible to become an Apprentice name to invite them to become their Apprentice. Alternatively, they may select a character and right-click on their portrait/profile and click the "Disciple" button to perform the same action.

A Master may only adopt one Apprentice per day (meaning that if an Apprentice/Master breaks the relationship the same day it is formed, it is not possible for them to create another relationship that same day).
A Master may only have one Apprentice to begin with, but can gain a second at 350 expertise, a third at 1500 expertise, a forth at 4500 expertise and a fifth at 12000 expertise.

Expertise points are used to learn Expertise Skills.
The expertise cost per level of skill goes

LV 1 25 Expertise
LV 2 50 Expertise
LV 3 125 Expertise
LV 4 250 Expertise
LV 5 500 Expertise
LV 6 1000 Expertise
LV 7 1800 Expertise
LV 8 3600 Expertise
LV 9 7200 Expertise
LV 10 14400 Expertise
LV 11 14400 Expertise
LV 12 14400 Expertise

Apprentice: Functions Overview
The Apprentice must be level 75 or below. A potential Apprentice is unable to access the Master and Apprentice interface until they either reach Level 105 or obtain a Master.
An Apprentice cannot have more than one Master. If an Apprentice levels beyond level 75, they remain an Apprentice unless Banished by the Master.

Once the Apprentice reaches LV105, the relationship with their Master is dissolved, and the Apprentice is now able of having Apprentices of their own.

An Apprentice may Betray their current Master and become an Apprentice to another Master in the same day (they do not have the option to Betray the new Master within the same day however).
For an Apprentice to break off from their Master prior to obtaining their own Apprentice, they may speak with Tao Danush in Sunstream City and select the Betrayal quest.

Once an Apprentice reaches the point where they can obtain their own Apprentice, doing so will remove them from their previous Master.

Master & Apprentice: Quests Overview
Once the Master/Apprentice relationship has been formed, the Apprentice may obtain quests (by speaking to Tao Danush in Sunstream City).

The quests obtained by the Apprentice, while not requiring the Master to be present at the time it is obtained, do require the Master to be present and within a Party in order to defeat the Monsters (as they are likely more powerful than the Apprentice). The Master should be the party leader.

Upon completing the quest, the Apprentice is awarded with a large sum of experience, 30 Taichi Pills and 3 Bundles of HP pills of various quality (depending on the Apprentice's level).

Quests may be repeated as many times as desired (up to 3 times a day). New quests available to the Apprentice at Level 1, 30, 45, 60, 75 (not so much β€˜New’ but rather the same exact quest updated with more appropriately leveled Yellow Pill reward items).
The quests obtained by the Master are only available if the Master is the Party leader.

Master & Apprentice: Quest Guide
Once a day speak with Tao Danush in Sunstream City while in a Party with your Apprentice and accept the "Expertise Training" quest. The Master must be the party leader.

Both the Master and Apprentice receive a quest titled "Expertise Training", but the Apprentice quest has different objectives than the Master quest.

Completion of the quest will award the Master with 50 Expertise points and 10 Taichi Pills. The Apprentice is awarded with 70 Taichi Pills and 50 Violeta Stones.

Coincidentally, being in a Party with a lower level character (the Apprentice) will also award the higher level character (the Master) with Charity points when they level up.

Feast of Immortals
Said to be the food of immortals, Tau Danush requests that you assist him in gathering 10 bundles of peaches to present as a gift to his Master.

Though the Master does not need to be present at the time the quest is accepted, the Apprentice will require the assistance of their Master in order to defeat the creatures.

Travel to the Bamboo Peak in the Jadeon mountains and seek out the Aeolian Monkeys which have stolen the fruit from nearby trees (-326, 134).

Upon completion of the quest, the Apprentice is awarded with 30 Taichi Pills and 3 Bundles of HP Pills which grant 99 Remedy items per pack used.

Master's Favor
The Master must be the party leader to start this quest.

With the Master and Apprentice joined together in a Party, speak with Tao Danush.

Upon the Master accepting the quest, both the Master and Apprentice will receive two parts to the same quest, each having separate objectives. However, if either hope to benefit from this pairing, they must cooperate.

Part 1
Travel to Jadeon in search of a rare treasure. You will be sent after one of three items.
With a horde of Eldest Gilhook defending this rare treasure, work together as Master and Apprentice to find a way of obtaining the item within the chest.

Option 1
Waterproof Orb: Jadeon - Lake Hoten (87, -225)
Option 2
Fireproof Orb: Jadeon - Temple of Zaaras (-447, -442)
Option 3
Glacial Ice: Jadeon - Mount Yonder (216, 446)

With your prize in hand, return to Tao Danush.

Part 2
Travel to the Abyssal Lands in Jadeon and slay Chao the Thief (-404, -41), to obtain the tome which he stole.
Return to Tao Danush in Sunstream City and present him with the Unparalleled Sword Tome.

Part 3
Venture into the Peak of Widows, near the Blade Manor, and harvest the Mystic Grass (334, 228) being guarded by the Olden Serpentslave.
Return to Tao Danush in Sunstream City and give him the blades of Mystic Grass.

Part 4
Wannox Shao, having previously insulted the Master of Tao Danush, needs to die. He is hiding within the Scattered Shadows of Incense Valley (-260, 348).
Return to Tao Danush with news of Wannox Shao's demise.
With the quest completed, the Apprentice is awarded 70 Taichi Pills and 50 Violeta Stones.
Having assisted in the further training of their Apprentice, the Master receives the Instruction Bloom for their efforts. They should speak with Tao Danush in Sunstream City again to receive 10 Taichi Pills and 50 Expertise points.

Disciple's Graduation
Upon reaching level 90, the Apprentice is ready to complete their training.

Note: If the Apprentice does not complete the trial before reaching LV105, the quest will fail and no rewards will be given.

With the Master and Apprentice joined together in a Party, speak with Tao Danush. The Master must be the party leader.

Upon the Master accepting the quest, both the Master and Apprentice will received two parts to the same quest, each having different objectives. However, if either hope to benefit from this pairing, they must cooperate.

Speak with Tao Danush and then set off in search of Baako (358, -406) within the Bamboo Clearing of Jadeon.

Having spoken with Baako, travel to the Hall of the Founder and speak with Baye (138, 426).

After listening to Baye, continue on to the Crystal Hall and speak with Enu (126, 228).

Having heard the advice of your peers, travel to the Doom Bog and battle the Gilhook Grandlord in the Wasted Ruins (290, 314).

Note: Your Master cannot assist you in this fight - you must prove yourself worthy.

With the beast slain, return to Tao Danush in Sunstream City.

Having completed the quest, the Apprentice is awarded with Tao Danush's Letter.

Take this letter to Stashkeep Tamsin in Sunstream City (210, 72) in exchange for level 90 or level 105 Celestial quality Gear.

For successfully training a worthy Apprentice, the Master is awarded with Expertise points and a Mixing Stone, which are used in the crafting of Charms. These charms are available from Tao Danush in exchange for Expertise points and Gold Bricks.
Announcements / Re: Server Maintenances
« Last post by CompeR on August 17, 2018, 04:46:31 pm »
Server maintenance MAY occur tommorow (Saturday 18.08.2018) around 15:00-18:00 server time.
Planned downtime: ~15 minutes.
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