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Announcements / Jade Dynasty - Gevrin release 8 march 2019!
« on: March 04, 2019, 05:33:52 pm »
Hello there!
It has been some time since we annouced Gevrin expansion. It is time to share current progress of development.
Few things changed, we were able to make new maps work which is great news.
From the other side, our tool developer which providing us tool to edit skills decided to rework his tool completly for easier and quicker development overall, but it will take some time till he finishes it.
Because of it we are forced to release what we have now, we don't want to wait more! We aware some skills are either missing or not working properly. Those will be fixed during next couple of weeks. Please be patient and forgive us uncomplete release.

Planned release date: 8 march 2019

Game patch:

- Bodhi Seed and few other items added to marketplace.
- 18th Halls Top 3 will receive additional 15/10/5 Violetgold Fragments and Kirin/Dragon/Jade Sigil.
- Veteran of War: Bronze Sigil->Dragon Sigil.
- Crisis [Event] reward boosted.
- Trial·Vile Spirits : 4x Violetgold Fragment and 100x Soul Ash added as a reward.

Gevrin expansion working features:
- Gevrin class (some skills still need to be adjusted/fixed).
- New/updated maps (Sunstream/Jadeon/Skysong).
- New plot quests for Sunstream/Jadeon/Skysong.
- New astrolabe features (location labels and instant charging).
- Overall client stability increased.
- 'Search' option in bag.

Gevrin expansion workarounds:
- New Level UP rewards will be available via website.

Things that won't work due to our limitations/uncompability:
- Sprite `Increment` column.
- Ascension Class system.
- Pet JD Land
- Headframes.

Things that are broken but will be fixed:
- Can't accept/add player as mutual friend.
- Fuwa Gevrin skills
- Gevrin sprite skills.
- Gevrin faction espers skills.
- 4th gevrin ascension skill.

All mising/broken features will be fixed once we get real expansion files in our hands.

Announcements / Jade Dynasty - Gevrin annouced!
« on: January 26, 2019, 07:08:45 pm »
Dance of Gevrin - imitation

Hello there! I’m exciting to announce that soon there will be 17th class available on Jade Dynasty Reborn: Gevrin!
Since some time, we gained some extra tools, thanks to which we can now EDIT (and ADD NEW) SKILLS.
We don't have real Dance of Gevrin files, but we managed to recreate all Gevrin skills and thanks to it, new class is playable.
However, we will try to make some new features work, some of features also might not be functional because of it.
We will try to fix/add them in the course of time.

For now, we are still in the test phase to ensure best stability of new files. It will take us at least few weeks to release.
Release date is unknown at this moment.

With those new possibilities, we will try to balance all "old" classes and make them more or less equal in terms of power.

List of new (working) features:
- New class - Gevrin. Unleash AOE to destroy all enemies in long range!
- Ability to search bag for items.
- Instant astrolabe charging for Portal Charms and Rechargers.

List of features that are disabled because of our limitations:
- New Jadeon and Skysong map.
- New instances.
- Level-up rewards.

Events / Toplist banner contest
« on: January 09, 2019, 10:44:03 am »
Hi guys!
Our current banner:

supposed to be temporarily and it is the time for a new one.

There is also chance for graphic artists to earn some Jadens.
Create a new banner for our server and post it below. Preferably animated, but size can not exceed 250 KB. Image size: 468x60.
Deadline: 20.01.2019.
We will choose top 3 banners.  TOP 1 will become our new advertisement banner for all top lists.

Jaden rewards:
top 1: 400 Jadens KingPat!
top 2: 200 Jadens dandelion
top 3: 100 Jadens

Rest of participants received 10.000 GJ for their effort (exept Scruffed :P)

Suggestions / [Idea] New Automatic Tournament System
« on: December 23, 2018, 11:17:42 pm »
JD Reborn Tournament system idea:

  • Exclusive titles
  • Statue in Sunstream with winners names
  • Tournament coins - Participation reward which will be exchangeable for in game rewards.

1v1 2v2 ... 6v6 (randomly)

Tournament will take place weekly in Saturday.
Most likely we will support only one timezone(EU).

Signing up:
Website will allow you to sign up for the event an hour before it starts. This system is designed only for LV160 players.
One IP will be limited to sign just one character to avoid alt abuse.
Depending on the event type, it will randomly appoint characters to teams. Only one Class per team will be allowed to balance the teams
Some players might not be appointed to any team (If too many of the same class signs up).

When the sign-up time expires the tournament Ladder will be generated.


Using PvP Realms (11 to 14) and different maps like Kunlun, Jadeon, Doom Bog and Wildlands. Each round will be announced in game and their participants, realm and map.
The called participants have to appear in specific realm and map and start to PvP each others (in teams in most cases). Round time will most likely 15 minutes.
The team with the most kills win. If one or both teams doesn't show up both will be disqualified. At least one kill has to be registered to prove fight occurred at all.

Script will calculate kills and round winner and announce next round in chain till final fight and winner is decided.

For each fight the player participates in, he will earn 1 Tournament Coin, 2 if it's the final round.

  • Team can not get help by non participant players. It includes buffs (vim, skysong etc).
  • Player of a team can not work on other team favor or intentionaly make team loose (eg if his friends are in opposite team).
  • Non-participant players can not interferee into tournment fight. They may watch it from skyblades (that fly higher, not by the ground to avoid targetting problem).

All these will be bannable or lead to perma exclude from future events.

Announcements / Server rollback 17.10.2018
« on: October 17, 2018, 12:39:55 pm »
Due to configuration error we had to rollback character database till 00:00.
We are really sorry and we will try to make sure this situation will not repeat.

GJ purchases at webshop and jaden donations are refunded already.

As a compensation 5000 GJ added to players that have been online during last 24h and 5x Hourly GJ rate activated till 12:30 18 October 2018.

Guides / Skill changes : Hydran -> Seira expansion
« on: September 21, 2018, 04:07:00 pm »
- Nameless Technique : Upon each attack, the caster enter Berserk status and Attack Power increases by 2/rank times of CritStrike Rate, which can be stacked several times.
- Divine Wrath : increases the CritStrike Rate of the affected skills by 1%/rank
- Demon Blood II: Cooldown 360->300 seconds.
- Faithful Defender: has 30% chance to increase your CritStrike Rate by 10%.
- Harsh Reality,Harsh Reality II: Cast Time 6->4 seconds
- Cloudbreaker II: cooldown 36->15 seconds.
- Meditation II: increases Critical Damage by 1%/rank.
- The Six Cycles: Cast Time 6->3 seconds
- Immeasurable Truth: Increase Critstrike Damage upon each attack by 30%/rank(?)
- Bodhi's Protector II: Increases CritShield by 20%.
- Spiritual Charm: Prevent target from restoring Health for 10 seconds, while for every 2 seconds, reducing 20% of their maximum Health. If your Skill Accuracy is higher than your target's, clear out their stored Health immediately.
- Forest of Laughter II: bonus attack power 2%->2.5%/rank.
- Upheld Oath : removes 2->4 negative effects.
- Billow Break II: cooldown 180->120 seconds.
- Wolf Fang Arrow II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Blood Arrow II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Flame Stream II: Cooldown 60->45 seconds.
- Flash Arrow II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Devilbash Arrow II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Dragon Stun II: Cooldown 60->45 seconds.
- Blade Swinger: cast time 3->2 seconds; cooldown 7->6 seconds; Every hit applies extra CritStrike Rate equaling to a portion of your Stun Resistance.
- Ancient Soul: first 10 seconds of the effect will grant you immunity against Taunt.
- Shadow Dance·Shape: cooldown 30->15 seconds.
- Shadow Dance·Soul: cooldown 30->15 seconds.
- Ghost Cut II: Health attack power bonus 1%->1.5%/rank, reduces target's Skill Evasion by 1->1.5/rank.
- Instant Slay II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Sudden Blow II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Bloody Chop II: Cooldown 60->40 seconds.
- Tone of Meditation II: cooldown 120->90 seconds.
- Soundblade Storm II: cooldown 120->90 seconds.
- Song: Blast of Disturbance II: cooldown 120->90 seconds.
- Wake the Dragon: bonus effect duration 60->5 seconds
- Pride: For the first %d^ffffff seconds of the channeling, you will be rendered ^11ff11Invincible^ffffff.
- Last Judgment: first 5 seconds will remove all the Spirit-loss effect and render you immune to them.
Incense Mage:
- Vastness: Blaze of Janos and Jadesun Inferno bonus duration 2->6 seconds for every two ranks in those skills.
- Chained Soul: Duration 3->2 seconds. For every 6->40 points of Skill Accuracy, the caster may drag the target for 1->5 more second(s). Max duration added - 15 seconds.
- Blaze of Janos: For every 5->40 points of Skill Accuracy, the duration is increased by 1->3 seconds. Max duration added - 15 seconds.
- Obstacle Array II: Cooldown 900->400 seconds.
- Pride: For the first 1/rank seconds of the channeling, you will be rendered Invincible
- Lightning Spell: Increasing your Silence Resistance can increase the duration of the Palsy effect.
- Veil of the Void becomes AOE with 12 yards range.
- Sweep II: having a chance to lower target's movement speed by 5%/rank for 5 seconds.
- Mecha: Fiery Land: increases Critstrike Rate by 2%/rank for 7 seconds.
- Mecha: Flood: Every hit is applied with extra damage equaling to 0.3/rank times your overall Resistances, which can be further increased by increasing your CritStrike Rate. Only effective against monsters.
- Versed Penetration: Further lower the cooldown of Sky's Doom by 1/rank seconds.
- Spearhead: when attacking a non-player target, increases an extra amount of damage equaling to 80% of your current Wrath.
- Sky's Doom: every hit restores 0.5%/rank of your current Health and the last hit restores Wrath equaling to 1%/rank of your current Health. When attacking a non-player target, you deal 2%/rank more damage to them. The Additional Attack only take effect on monsters.
- Lair Smashing: duration 6->16 seceonds.
- Celestial Majesty [reworked]: Cast at a single target, removing 1/rank detrimental effects from them while rendering self immune to any attacks for 4/rank seconds. This skill will reset the cooldown of the following skills: Celestial Majesty <Myth>, Celestial Majesty <Bane> and Celestial Majesty<Zen>.
- Seal of Earth II: required kill streak 2, 5, 10, 20, 50->2,5,10,15,20

Guides / Jade Dynasty Reborn Skill Calculator
« on: September 21, 2018, 03:58:43 pm »
Sinc official database is outdated I decided to fork it and apply seira support for skill calculator.

Here is the link for our skill calculator:

Announcements / Jade Dynasty Reborn Starfall release
« on: September 21, 2018, 03:55:21 pm »
Starfall will be applied on 28 September 2018.

Trailer video :

There WON'T be faction change to Seira anytime soon!

Expansion features:
-   Whole new Sunstream to enjoy and explore!
-   New User Interface, easier than ever before, more compact and nicer feel to go with Starfall.
-   Whole new Refine look for refines of 10 and above! No longer just glow, you now shine and burn like a star!
-   Not only do you get a new class… you get new weapons, modes, instances and more.
-   New Gear introduction – Fate Gear! Embed your current gear with the power of more, unleash your true power and become immortal..
-   Like a piece of gear more than end game gear? No problem, Appearance Inheritance is now a thing! Use that level 15 gear that you’ve always wanted at level 160.
-   Tired of auto routing when invigorating? No problem, switch between three new and unique Esper interfaces, PvE, Instance and PvP!
-   Are you also tired of being kicked out of Team Bfs groups? No need to worry. Those are a thing of the past, stay in groups until season end and don’t fear of losing anything!
-   Sovereign Bonus only for the Alliance that owns the Crown? What? Never again! Buy daily upgrades that let you do exactly the same as those alliances, buy remote stash, unlimited portal charms, even experience boosts.

Announcements / Faction Change rules
« on: September 01, 2018, 03:12:23 am »
1. Directly upon faction change you are obligated to relog your character to prevent exploits and let your character data to refresh.
2. If you happen to have any Mystic Tomes with skills of your original profession, you need to Decompose(or reforge) them it immediately.
3. Remember that your ascension skills will not be shown if you are switching to Etherkin from either Human or Athan. To fix this, please message me on Discord (same name as Forum, CompeR) to resolve the issue. If you switching Human->Athan or Athan->Human you may simply use Revision Charm to restore Asc Skills.
4. Faction Change requirement is character level at least 150

Announcements / Multi-client rule exception requests
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:35:21 pm »
Soon we are running automated ban script that will automaticly ban any detected more than 2 clients usages for 1h.

You can request an exception contacting me via our Discord: PM CompeR.
Please attach usernames and describe your situation. If you live with a brother/sister etc who is also playing on our server, he/she has to appear on discord also to verify this situation. We may ask for some proof to verify we are dealing with real people.

Announcements / Exclusive Alliance Icons
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:09:12 pm »
Okey! Time to add some fresh look for alliances.

We can now change icons for each alliance.

As a Marshal of alliance you can contact me via discord, BUT since it requires some effort from my side you will need to donate me:
- 500k Gold (in 5k Bank Notes).
- Mithil Stone x20
- Oora Stone x20
You have to attach 16x16 px icon of your choice.
Marshals of alliances can contact me via discord.

Announcements / Server Maintenances
« on: July 26, 2018, 05:38:09 pm »
Information about planned maintenances will be posted here.

Praises / Praise System
« on: July 24, 2018, 08:23:27 pm »
Hello all!
I decided that we don't really need official GS institution.
To fill that hole I developed simple 'Praise' system.

How does it work?
1. Each helper can create own personal thread where players can post their praises. Introduce youself with induction/referral in first post.
2. Be helpfull, answer newbie questions, help with quests etc...
3. Ask (don't demand!) person you have helped to describe this situation in your personal Praise thread.

From time to time I will review this section and grant some GJ rewards for helpers.

Spear Class (unnamed) / Faction english name suggestions
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:15:02 pm »
Here you can post your suggestions how to name this faction in english.

Events / Alliance War promo event
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:12:45 pm »
Alliance war event!

What to do?
1. Set up an alliance war with other alliance.
2. At least one person in your alliance will record whole war and post in on youtube. Each alliance has to deliver its own video. Make sure final war score with all principants is visible. Please post links in
3. All principants with at least 5 kills or deaths will get:
+6 sigil
5000 affinity beads
5000 chroma beads
10 Serenity Jades

4. You can have multiple wars BUT each character can get reward up to 3 times!
5. Clearly event farming abuse will cause your request to be ignored.

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